Log in to Anomic Community Forum with ROBLOX, OAuth, SSO

Logging in with ROBLOX

As most ACF members currently know, the only way to register on ACF is to register with your email address (unless your account is manually activated by an admin) or using Discord. We are planning to add a function where users can log in with their ROBLOX account. Unfortunately, ROBLOX has not opened their OAuth/SSO API for public use.

What happens when ROBLOX opens its OAuth/SSO API for Public Use?

Once ROBLOX opens the API for public use, our team will integrate it with ACF ASAP. Logging in with ROBLOX will then become your only choice to register/log in on this site.

The reason why we are looking into this feature is to prevent spam & impersonation. Anybody can create an account that has the username of Mudslinger or even AspectType. These people can impersonate those with the claimed username. With ROBLOX OAuth/SSO, users are required to log in to ROBLOX to prove their identity.

We are looking into other methods of verification, such as joining a game and entering a specified code (although has some major API security risks).

Please read the article below to learn more:

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