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Anomic Player Status

Anomic has four player statuses, innocent, outlaw, wanted, and government.
In this post, we will be going over the four main statuses of players.


This is the default status. While you are in this state if you get injured, the perpetrator will become wanted. In addition, government roles cannot arrest you. You will have this status back after 5 minutes of being an Outlaw/Wanted. Any role can get this status, including government roles (government roles only become government when they equip team items) Paramedics also start with innocent status, they can harm you, however, they will be wanted.


You can only be arrested by government roles, though they may still injure you if you are riding or driving a vehicle. You cannot be legally killed. Any assailant will receive an Outlaw status instead of a Wanted status, Items can still be stored in this case. Common ways to become an Outlaw include:

  • Running over players on the sidewalk
  • Collecting money from a Money Printer
  • Entering the Safe Seven restricted area
  • Attacking an outlaw as a civilian/criminal
  • Driving a stolen car that is lockpicked to open
  • Driving a government car as a civilian/criminal


You can be legally killed by any role without your assailant receiving a wanted status. You also cannot store items, build in plots, and reset your character. Common ways to become Wanted include:

  • Driving a vehicle that is reported as stolen
  • Shooting an Innocent or Government
  • Picking a lock
  • Using a drill
  • Picking up a Printer
  • Resisting arrest (preventing police from cuffing you as an outlaw)
  • Blowing up an innocent/government person’s car
  • Hard Damaging cars


The default status for government roles. You cannot attack Innocents and other government roles, but civilians can attack you- however, they will gain a wanted status for doing so. To have a government status, join a government team.

Despite being unable to injure upstanding citizens, Government roles may still become Outlawed or even Wanted if they commit other crimes.

After 5 minutes from becoming wanted or an outlaw, any status will return to being Innocent or Government as long as no further crimes are committed within that time period.

Miscellaneous Roles

There are four other roles, which are all unobtainable by a normal player.

  1. Admin
  2. Head admin
  3. Youtuber
  4. Developer
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