Standard Printer

Standard Printer

The standard printer in Anomic (known as just “Printer”) is an illegal item utilized for printing cash. This item has a printing capacity of $1,000, it can print $40/minute. As this is an illegal item, government roles can destroy it and claim the cash.

To prevent abuse, printers are disabled on private servers. Printing is only available on public servers.


This printer is the predecessor to the more advanced “Hotwired Printer”.

Tips & Tricks for Printing

Have trouble printing cash? Try following these steps to maximize your profits from printing.

  1. Print in Small Servers
    As printing is disabled on private servers, you can try printing on small public servers. Public servers with a player count of less than 10 are preferable.

  2. Print in Secluded Areas
    When printing, it is preferable to spawn your printers away from populated areas such as Arway. This will minimize the chances of a government member or another person from stumbling across your printers.

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