Station Wagon Vehicle

Station Wagon Overview

Are you looking for a vehicle that is up to the task of road trips? Take a look at the Station Wagon. With a higher passenger capacity (with Cargo storage!) than most other cars and with a starting price of $1,100 for a top speed of 70 SPS, this is your choice.

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Order Type Price
Individual $1,100
Bulk - 5 Units $3,300
Bulk w/ Delivery - 5 Units $2,950

Keep in mind…
Dealerships and other sellers may have these vehicles priced higher than the original manufacturing price. Compare your options before making a purchase.


Specification Data
Top Speed (SPS) 70 SPS
Horsepower 160
Durability 1,200
Passenger Capacity 5
Cargo Capacity 1 Crate
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