The Criminal Base

Criminal Base in Anomic 2

(area inside of the red circle represents the base zone, apologies for having the icons on the map)


The Criminal Base is a zone on the edge of Hod’s Peak around a quarter of the size of Capellupe. Though it is hard to observe the area in detail due to hostile Criminal NPCs, there is a decent amount of information known about the base.

(image of a soldier standing near the road behind the base with a view of some buildings)


The zone contains about half a dozen buildings ranging from a few small houses to a larger barn. Because of the lack of wiki articles on Anomic 2, it is difficult to find information on niche locations like this so all information in this article is sourced by me.

(“alleyway” between some of the buildings)

NPCs and Strategies

Since this is a location with hostile NPCs which drop loot, I’ve come up with a method of raiding the base from my experience. I recommend using the military team if you have unlocked it as it gives you a rifle for free and you can attack the NPCs while on the team.

My entry plan is to take the road on Hod’s Peak to the entrance of the base and go in from the side. Once there, I find a building like a house that provides cover from the NPCs. Usually I find a window or a corner to camp after that. I’ve managed to take out about a dozen NPCs doing that in one raid.

(A house on the left of the base where I usually shoot from)

Loot Table

Because this zone has enemies who can drop loot, there is a loot table available which I made though it isn’t complete because I haven’t been able to find any others to refer to.

Item -------------- Rarity
Classic Pistol-------?
Classic Shotgun—?

(percentages are unknown, sorry)

(The gloomy gates of the criminal base)

Final Note

Thank you for reading this article, hopefully this didn’t come off as too lengthy or unprofessional. I’ve spent a few hours writing this so it would mean a lot if you left a reply with a message or constructive criticism. I searched the internet for information on this topic but found literally nothing so if you have any information you could contribute, I would be very grateful.

Feel free to quote this, and please point out if any information is inaccurate or if I made a massive grammatical mistake somewhere, I didn’t have the energy to reread the five paragraphs.


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