What is a bannable plot?

What is a bannable plot?

A bannable plot is a plot created by a player that violates the in-game guidelines. If you believe a plot violates the in-game guidelines, you can report the plot using the in-game reporting system by pressing [Q] while hovering your mouse over the plot in question.

Types of bannable plots include (but are not limited to):

  • Roofbases
  • Killbase/killfarm
  • Printer base
  • Mayor abuse
  • Propblocking
  • Inappropriate base


This is a plot that has walls surrounding all sides of the roof. The walls must be extended past the roof for it to count as a roofbase.

Kill base/Kill farm

A kill base or kill farm is a plot intentionally designed to have players enter the plot who can then be shot by people inside the plot while still being under full protection by the plot, meaning people entering are not able to shoot back.

Printer Base

A printer base is a plot that allows players to store printers while keeping them under the full protection of the plot, meaning other players or police cannot access them.

Keep in mind…

A printer base is not a plot that only has printers inside, they must be inaccessible to be considered a printer base.

Mayor Abuse

Mayor abuse is when a mayor uses a plot to make themselves completely inaccessible, which means they cannot be harmed in any way, hence making themselves “invincible”. This allows them to farm high amounts of cash paychecks without the threat of other players.

Propblocking is the use of the in-game build system to place objects either in public space, covering the plot’s mailbox, or otherwise invading public space or someone else’s plot. Propblocking does not include blocking off the doors of the plot from the inside unless there is a printer, wanted player, or the Mayor inside of the plot that would be a target.


Propblocking is the use of the in-game build system to block public spaces, fully restricting access, covering your mailbox, or placing props that invade another plot’s space.

Keep in mind…

Propblocking is not restricting access through all entrances of your plot, as this does not invade any other plot, restrict a public space, or block a mailbox. However, printing inside or enclosing yourself inside as a mayor is against the guidelines as stated above.

Inappropriate base

An inappropriate base is a plot that contains offensive text, drawings, or symbols with the use of player-created designs.

Keep in mind…

If a boombox inside the plot is playing inappropriate audio, it would fall under the Loud/Bypassed Audios guideline.

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