What motivates you to play Anomic?

Anomic feels extremely repetitive and boring for me nowadays. What encourages you to keep playing?


I’m still somehow addicted to playing it, building a new store is whats keeping me from wanting to quit. (I’ve quitted Anomic for about 9 months before coming back)

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I call myself an entrepreneuer, haha. A little backstory to my gameplay, it all started when I joined a friend who showed me around the game. After a while, I began to build my own shops, at the time I was interested in mail and transportation so I built a FedEx store in around 2020-2021. You may have even seen my commercial truck driving around with the logo on it. After a while, I moved to transportation and built bus stations and such. I even built a high school once.

To be honest, I never really liked opening a gun/car/crafter store. It seemed boring to me and I sought other ways of making cash in the game. After a while, cash began piling in from my businesses (largely in part of donations from generous people).

In early 2023, I joined ARP (AnomicRP) and I think it was one of the great heights of my Anomic timeline. I’m no longer part of that group due to some conflicts, but it’s pretty nice looking back. Man, Anomic has kept me in its player base for almost three years now, I’ve racked up over 1200+ hours on it too.

Well, why am I still here? Truth is, Anomic is kind of an “everything” game if you know what I mean. You can start a business, deliver parcels as a deliverance or trucker, be a cab driver, work as a tow truck driver, etc. There’s a lot you can do, on the surface it seems like all you can do in Anomic is just sell guns and rob banks, but I can guarantee you that there a lot below the surface that you haven’t tried out yet. You just gotta find something you like doing in the game, and I found multiple things that I liked. One of my favorites is starting a business, my first extremely successful one was FedEx and I had so much fun doing that back then. During that time, the commercial truck wasn’t too well known so most people would question me on how I got the truck and how I got the logo on it.

I could talk for days about my history in Anomic, but this is an extremely watered-down version of it. I’ve started numerous businesses in the past and I will continue to for the forseable future. Now, I’m not sure when I’ll be leaving this game, who knows, I might leave it tomorrow, but I will say that it’s one of the best games I’ve ever come across.

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Exactly! I love how I can express myself and could be whatever I want - the small details count for me

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