How to complete Bryan's Quest

Remember, it’s not about getting the ball, but the adventure of COMPLETING the quest!

Alright, so it seems like there is a new event item in-game which is a sphere/ball. Only thing is that it’s unknown how to obtain it, only some people know and they aren’t willing to leak the guide.

I can confirm that to obtain it, you need to go to Las Hogueras. There is a manhole under the Petrol Gas tank, still looking for a way to get inside though.

We have more information, here is a shout from Bonfire.

Hey, I found a doc by goldfish about this whole thing.

Honestly, people have been talking about it being a hoax to gain more players and I’m starting to believe it because people have literally gone out of their minds to figure this stuff out. From sacrificing people in trunks to dropping a ton of money on blowing 10 cars up at once, I have no idea what it is. Maybe it’s just some really odd, obscure cue to open up the pothole. Who knows

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Thanks for the document. @arshak241 had also DMed me a photo of a message that might be of interest.

The message “You can’t open this at this angle!” is only seen in Legacy mode.

Unfortunately, no confirmed route of getting the sphere yet.

ill look and see if the thing is still there, maybe i can try something from a new perspective.

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Seems like Bonfire has changed something about Bryan’s Quest Route 1, it seems like it has something to do with those surveillance cameras around the map as well.


We know that there are CCTV cameras related to Route 1, @le_arshak do you know the locations? Someone said you knew all nine or ten of them or something.


Image of the gas container over the sewer cap blowing up. Credits to spdracr1

Credits to ameriancrusher.

We got some things! These are videos and images that were posted in the Anomic Media channel that got taken down, we managed to recover them, though.

Credits to rchan2249r. (Edit: Video was taken down on and was re-uploaded to YouTube.)

Credits to americancrusher.

we need something that can destroy half a plot bruh :skull:

Yeah, but do you know the locations of all the CCTV cameras?

yes but what does the cameras have to do with the TNT and the entrance
2 at arway
pahrump GS
tow depot
okbey steppe
east dike red apartment near trucker spawn
ulmouth watching lake
a tree near las hogueras

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Thanks for the information on this.

The video has been fixed.

We have more images that were posted in the Anomic Media channel and re-posted here. Credits to @lavacast, zeiser1, and spdracr1.

For Bryan’s Quest, @lavacast said to try and get Bryan’s attention, destroying all ten CCTV surveillance cameras might be part of that, however, several people have stated that is not the case either. However, there must be another way to grab his attention.

i have wondered if conventional vehicle explosions, or even the troublemaker (as it is related to the event being an event vehicle) could destroy the gas tank itself and give access to the manhole.

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That is certainly possible, but we need to find a way to activate part one Invitation.