How to Complete Lucky's Quest

This guide goes over Lucky’s Quest, it is only available until April 14th, 2024.

First, you will need to obtain a Bucket to fill up graduated cylinders around the map. Purchase a bucket from the Crafter team then navigate to the river that separates Arizona and Nevada, it is between Eastdike and Arway, Phester Dam is also located on top of it.

Once you have arrived at this river, it should be colored green. Pull out your bucket and fill it up by clicking and holding your mouse down on the river. Once it is filled, you will need to fill up graduated cylinders on top of apartment buildings in Arway, Eastdike, and then Pahrump.

In Pahrump, you will find a radio right next to the graduated cylinder you just filled up, the radio will have a recording of someone saying “Hey Chris, can you show the rainbow?” and you’ll hear a chime and a rainbow appear on your screen. Head to where the rainbow meets the ground and you’ll find a circle with a bunch of Buckets O’ Gold. Press E on one to obtain it.

Congratulations! You have completed Lucky’s Quest.



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