Should Bryan's Quest Balls be nerfed?

Lately, people who completed Bryan’s Quest have been flooding plots with their balls and chucking them at people causing damage.

Shouldn’t this be nerfed? Maybe the ball should be deleted, with only the basic ball kept. It is annoying and it’s just something to tell players that you decided to pay $250,000 for a ball.

To be honest, the size and collisions should only be nerfed. The size should probably be a maximum of 4 instead of 5. The collisions part, it is really easy to glitch into plots with the ball, Anomic Characters have collisions off while the ball does not. There should be a fix for the glitching problem soon.

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i dont think they should be nerfed at all i like them now to troll and i dont mind when someone else is using them because they often cant even kill me and i dont find it annoying

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